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Jody Pineda

Hey Janet,

Glad to be reconnected with your blog.

I have a new book I just ordered that I think might be a great one for all of us to read. It's called "September Songs: The Bonus Years of Marriage" by Maggie Scarf. I'll read it and let you know. Just one to keep on the radar. Here's a quote from it: "Though we as a society extol the years of early adulthood, research studies have demonstrated that younger adults are not as happy as adults in their older years. In the years of later, relatively healthy adulthood (ages 50-75), the horizon of time has shifted and the outlines of a person's story have become much clearer. The future tense is greatly diminished in importance, and it is the present tense - the possibilities of pleasure, connectedness, and a sense of emotional embeddedness - that emerges into prominence...Developmentally speaking, older adults tend to live in the moment, andt his appears to increase their satisfaction and well-being."

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